I was just checking my flist before I had to shut down for awhile-and you post these! *Flappy hands* I took alot-I'll credit when using! Thanks for these!
Mmmm love some of these, snagging. Will credit of course, thanks for sharing
Love the icons! They are all fantastic!

Got a quick question...how do you get the boxes with the numbers around your icons?
Thank you so much! ♥

If you follow the tag at the bottom of the table for the 'Icon Table Generator' at 'Bauble', you can do it there. It just makes them look neater I think :)
I already told you that I love some of the Icons you showed me.
I love the others too. :D
Great work. ♥
These are awesome and believe it or not, this is one of my favorite episodes of the season. I loved it!!
It was a great episode, and I loved how bright it was compared to others. That, and the fact that we got to see 'Dean' is some pretty sexy shirt and brace combinations ;) *giggles*

But thank you :D
It was more upbeat to a point too, but it almost felt weird not seeing them as brothers til the end, but sorry when Jensen calls the guy into the office and the guy freaks out and he is telling him to calm down and sit down, that is so hot to me!
#5 & 6 - the eyebrow of DOOM!!

It's funny how the man can turn the most innocuous of things into porn, is it not? *g* (I'm gonna have to steal that one for sure ;P)

These are so pretty!! :)
*giggles* I had to include that somewhere ;)

When the episode aired, and I first saw him doing up his shirt? I actually squeed out loud. Damn sexy... :P

Thank you so much! ♥
So did I. So did I. And my next thought was "why didn't we get to see the part that came before he did up the shirt" ;)