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Together; Again - (1/?)

Title: Together; Again
Author: madpsychogirl
Pairing: Dean/Jamie
A/N: Sequel to Together; Alone.

Beta'd by the amazing willoweese

Enjoy :)


Two months were nothing to a hunter, usually flying by in no time at all. Between researching mysterious deaths, and dealing with whatever case they were working on at the time, days and weeks seemed to merge together; one hunt morphed into the next, and the one after that. Time seemed irrelevant when all you cared about were the people you needed to save.

Lately, though, things were different. The sixty six seals were falling rapidly, each one marking how little time was left; the days were still flying by in their attempts to stop Lilith from breaking any more, yet the days also felt as though they dragged on.

It worried Dean more than he was prepared to admit, even to himself. This was it, the end of everything. If Lilith won; if she managed to break all of the seals? He couldn’t even begin to imagine the fallout. It was the stuff of nightmares, and he’d had plenty of those. Enough to last a lifetime.

That’s why, when he woke one Friday morning, he was surprised that his dreams hadn’t consisted of Hell, Lilith or a Yellow-Eyed Sam; they hadn’t even made an appearance. He’d been dreaming all night, about Jamie.

It was hard to believe that it was only two months ago that Dean had left her back in Pennsylvania; funny how something can feel as though it were only yesterday, yet feel like a lifetime ago at the same time. Now, more than ever, Dean wished for a normal life, one that didn’t involve angels, demons or the Apocalypse. A world where he only ever fired a gun in a hunting game, or where a serious injury was the result of home renovation or contact sport, not from being thrown down a flight of stairs or jumping from a second storey window in order to avoid a demon torture master.

Then there was Sammy. Dean could feel his brother slipping away, with no way to stop it. Castiel had been right; he was on a slippery slope. One that Dean couldn‘t control, no matter how much he wanted to. He’d never been a good liar, even when they were kids. Dean could see through his little brother’s lies, which made everything even harder recently. As the weeks had passed, Dean’s fears seemed to have multiplied. He didn’t know how much more he could take and, although his father had trained them well enough to fight this war, Dean didn’t feel as strong as he needed to be. Maybe Sam was right; maybe Dean was holding his younger brother back.

Not for the first time, Dean considered running, getting away from it all, and being totally selfish for once. That was impossible, though; Castiel would find him, or his own guilt would get the better of him. The very idea of him being the reason the world’s population had to face Hell on Earth wasn’t really one he wanted to entertain for long.

Shuddering at the thought, Dean dragged himself out of bed, pulling a pair of jeans from his duffle. Judging from the amount of steam seeping out underneath the bathroom door, he wasn’t getting a warm shower any time soon. Swiping a hand through his hair, Dean decided he needed a walk to clear his head.

“Sammy? I’m going out for breakfast. You want anything?” he called.

“Yeah, coffee and whatever you’re having,” Sam shouted back.

Outside, the sun beat down relentlessly, raising a trickle of sweat almost immediately. Dean smiled; the weather in Boston always surprised him. For a state that suffered a serious amount of snow in the winter, its summers were something to be proud of. With the heat well into the 80’s, Dean debated whether he needed something lighter than jeans, then grimaced; he might have worn shorts while posing as a teacher at Truman High, but he did not do shorts unless there were extreme circumstances...


Jamie loved the summer; there was just something about the weather that seemed to lift people’s spirits, not to mention the increased patronage at the bar leading to extra tips. The one thing she looked forward to more than anything, though, was the opportunity to take a break, spend a week with her family in Boston. Tradition had the entire family getting together for a week every summer; barbecuing down at the beach or in the back yard. It didn’t matter, just as long as they were together. With her being so far away from them for almost the entire year, summer was one of the few times she was able to see her family, and they all made the most of it.

As she drove down the highway, the wind sweeping through her hair, Rascal Flatts blaring from the speakers, Jamie’s thoughts turned to Dean Winchester. She didn‘t want to admit it, but she found herself thinking about him more than she possibly should. It felt like only yesterday that he‘d kissed her goodbye and left with his brother. She wondered where he was, what he was doing, though she refused to allow herself to think about what he might be fighting. Despite only knowing Dean for a short amount of time, she couldn’t bear thinking about the amount of danger he was in. It wasn’t fair.

There was absolutely no way she was ever going to forget the night she’d spent with Dean, and had often thought about the what ifs. What if Dean hadn’t had to leave? What if they had been able to spend more time together? Would they still be together? Would they be able to build a life for themselves? Was it selfish of her for wanting Dean to stay, knowing that he had a duty to protect other people?

Although it might have been hidden deep inside, she would be willing to bet there was a small part of Dean that wanted to stay too. When she’d asked him where he saw himself in the future, he’d refused to answer. It wasn’t ignorance or because he didn’t know, but simply because he was scared. He didn’t know what would happen in six months from now, let alone six years. And the one thing that had truly scared Jamie was how strongly she’d felt about him. Having only just met Dean, she couldn’t believe the hold he seemed to have over her emotions.

She hadn’t asked him to stay with her, no matter how badly she’d wanted to try for a real relationship with him; the mere suggestion was out of the question. She didn’t like it one little bit, but the battle he was fighting was far more important. However, if Dean had asked her to go with him, there would have been no refusing the offer.


Sam secured the towel around his hips as he stepped back out into the main room, heading straight for the air conditioning unit. Failing with his attempt at getting the damned thing working properly, he huffed out a frustrated breath. They were switching rooms before the day was out, that was certain. The steaming hot weather was set to stay for the duration, and there was no way he was suffering heat exhaustion for any cause. It was one thing for the room to be filled with broken appliances, or shabby linen, stained carpets; those were minor inconveniences in comparison.

This hunt was proving to be quite tedious; they seemed to be spending hours and hours outside in the hot sun, asking question after question of the locals, with no answers forthcoming. Not a single lead had actually gone anywhere, and it seemed as though they would be in Marshfield for a while.

Their jeans and shirts were attracting a little too much unwelcome attention, making their job that much more difficult. The locals were clad in the attire normally associated with a more Southern state; boarder shorts, flip flops and wife beaters. They weren’t blending in and, if things didn’t turn around soon, Sam knew a change of clothing would be necessity; the hardest part would be convincing Dean of that fact. He grinned at the thought of Dean dressing like the locals, and could already imagine the look of distaste on Dean’s face.

Maybe he’d have to talk his brother into just one day off to make the most of the weather.


Loaded with coffee, muffins and two breakfast subs, Dean made his way back to the motel. His feet were sweltering inside his boots, and his shirt was clinging uncomfortably to his chest. He swiped his forearm across the sweat beading at his temple, kicking himself for not thinking to buy a bottle of water instead of the coffees.

He spotted a grocery store about a hundred yards down the road, and immediately decided that he couldn’t wait until he made it back to the motel. He paused at the crossing, waiting for the lights to change, watching the cars drive past. Nothing special grabbed his attention, not until the lights changed to let him cross; a red ’66 Mustang Coupe, a gorgeous blonde behind the wheel.

It wasn’t the car that caught his eye, though, it was the fact that he knew her, and this was the last place he thought he’d run into her. He froze, unable to do anything but stare. Even as he whispered her name, he couldn’t believe who was gazing back at him.


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AH! Awesome start sweetie! I love that you are showing stuff from everyones POV! That definitely makes it more interesting!!! I can't wait to see the reunion between Dean and Jamie! :D

Please update soon! ♥
Thank you :) ♥ I'm so glad you liked it!! I've got the next chapter already written and beta'd, but I'm going to wait for a couple of days so I can get the next bit done too! :D And I know I've said it before, but your icon is just pure sex ;) *giggles*
I really do! ♥ Awesome! I cannot wait to read the next part! Do you know how many chapters it's going to be yet? Haha! Right! It's almost the same as yours though! You can snag it if ya want!

I have no idea how many chapters yet... I have the next one written like I said, but I just haven't had the time to do any more. I will though, and hopefully it will be worth it :P

And we might have said it before, but I just love the fact you can see Jensen smile as he kisses her. *melts*
Thank you :) I love writing with Jamie, because we didn't get THAT much on her in the episode, so I can bend the rules slightly ;)
I'm so so so sorry it's taken so long my lovely!! I've kept getting distracted from LJ between work and just my general crappy memory. I'll update it now for you :P *hugs* ♥