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Together; Again - (3/?)

Title: Together; Again
Author: madpsychogirl
Pairing: Dean/Jamie.
A/N: Sequel to Together; Alone.

Beta'd by Olivia :D ♥

Enjoy :)

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Jamie Jamie?”

“Yes Sammy, that Jamie. How many others do we know?”

“Wow.” Dean smiled at the look on his brother’s face.

He missed this; things being so easy. The old days when everything was so simple. Hunting had been fun back in those days, if you could stretch to call it that.

Absentmindedly flicking through various items in the store, Dean let his mind wander. They’d gone to the closest mall to buy shorts and a suitable pair of shoes, as the heat showed no signs of calming. He’d told Sam about his new plans with Jamie, who in turn, had shared information he’d learnt about the case. She'd called him an hour after they'd met, having forgotten that her sister was having a family barbeque that evening, and did he mind attending that instead? Desperate for any chance to see her again, he'd agreed.

A productive morning all round… Until that is, Dean had remembered shopping.

Winchester’s bought clothes for comfort and necessity. Most of Dean’s shirts were his father’s, as were his boots. One look around Old Navy, and Dean was way out of his depth. For Sam though, fending for himself to fit in at Stamford worked to his advantage, and Dean bit his tongue to stop himself from taunting his younger brother.

“Why Old Navy, dude? We’re going to look like-”

“The locals.” Sam cut him off, lowering his voice. “This is the cheapest place here, and considering nowhere will accept our fake cards without asking too many questions, this is our only option.”

Glancing at the khaki shorts in Sam’s hand, Dean forced a smile. He had to admit that it would be cooler. Just the idea of getting some air to his legs was enough to make him want to wear the shorts.

No matter how awkward he felt doing so.


Customary behavior for family barbecues definitely wasn’t part of Winchester knowledge.

How to kill a vampire, exorcising a demon using Latin and various methods used as part of SAS training were. One thing Dean did know however, was that he needed to bring his own beer, especially in this heat. Sam had offered to follow up on a few leads on his own, shunning his brother’s protests and claims of being able to rearrange a date. Both brother’s knew this wasn’t entirely true, but that his younger brother’s safety came before anything else.

If he was honest, Dean knew that he sometimes still treated Sammy like a kid, but if it kept him safe then that was all that mattered.

Devouring the air conditioning in the off license, Dean paid for his six-pack, smiling at the clerk who wished him a good day. As he made his way back towards his meeting place with Jamie, the flower stand outside the convenience store caught his eye. Should he have bought her flowers? Shaking his head, Dean pushed himself forward. Jamie literally had got inside his senses. She altered his ability to think straight, and it scared him more than he even wanted to admit.

When Jamie’s car pulled into the car park for the second time that day, Dean felt a smile lazily appear. He’d never quite understood why hunters gave it all up to try and live a normal life, but now he could.


“How have you been?” Jamie asked after a slightly awkward greeting and a quiet few minutes. Dean fumbled over a response. What could he say? Since he’d last seen her, he’d witnessed enough to ensure he had nightmares every day for the rest of his life. He’d been that nightmare. And now, God had from the word of an angel, told him they had plans for him? Oh yes, things were just peachy.

“Fine.” He lied, trying desperately to keep his guard up. “What about you? No more murdering shape shifters, otherwise you would have called…” And there it was. Dean’s usual deflective technique.

“Everything is pretty much back to normal. I should have called you after that night-”

“That's generally my line.” Dean smiled warmly at her, fighting the urge to lean over and touch her. “I'm sorry.”

“I knew you'd be busy hunting evil.” She mocked, smiling back at him. “I'm sorry about this,” she winced. “It's definitely too early for meeting the family.”

Dean winced too. “If I'm honest, I haven't met a girl's parents in a very long time.”

“I promise you, they will behave. They're quite normal, really.”

“Normal is good.” He felt himself relax as she leant over to take his hand. “Normal is very good.”


Not a lot of things scared Dean Winchester.

Losing his brother came top of the list. Losing his brother to the ‘darker side’ came close second. Failing his father always nagged at him; kept him fighting strong and hard.

Of the few things that scared Dean, today held that familiar knot in his stomach and tingle in his fingers as the adrenaline prepared him to run.

Dean was scared of how easily he could fit into this life. The effortless way with which ‘normal’ conversation seemed to flow. One that didn’t consist of his proudest hunting moment or the time Sammy fell down the stairs trying to chase a puppy they thought had been possessed.

Jamie stood at his side, laughing as she watched her young nephew run around with his sister. Dean craved her touch but respected her enough to keep his distance. Every so often, the large man watching over the children, who he could only presume to be her brother, would shoot a glare towards Dean every so often. It made him uneasy. He'd never had to do this before.

Turning to talk to Jamie, he noticed she'd also been watching the man, and clearly had no problems showing him how pissed she was. Lifting her hand to her forehead, she signed pulled it away, closing her fingers. Dean smiled. She'd use sign to tell him to 'go away'. Clever girl.

“He used to be in the Army.” She explained as her brother turned away to chase his son, high pitched screams making her smile. “He taught me a few things when he got back.”

“He's protective of you.”

“That's what big brother's do, right?”

Taking a swig of his beer, Dean watched as the younger man pulled his t-shirt over his head to reveal a tanned, toned chest. He turned to carry on chasing the youngest of the two children and that's when Dean saw it.

At the top of his back between his shoulder blades, lay a tattoo. One identical to that on Dean's chest.

It couldn't be... Could it?

“Jamie, what's your second name?” Why hadn't he ever asked her before?

“Sorry?” She turned to him, confusion written across his features. He knew why he hadn't asked before; the sex had been a bit of a distraction.

“Your second name, what is it?”

Her eyes followed his, as if making the connection just as he did. She gasped, dropping her glass as her body went numb, catching the attention of a few people surrounding her. Including her brother.

“What did you do to her?” He growled, striding over and stopping inches from Dean's face.

“Rob, leave him alone. Everything's okay.”

“It doesn't look okay.” He stood his ground and Dean cursed himself for missing the obvious signs before. It didn't matter how comfortable he looked; Rob's eyes gave him away. He watched everyone and there was a hidden emotion Dean only knew too well.

The look of a man that knew of the creatures hiding in the dark.

Forcing himself to stay as polite as possible, Dean stretched out his hand. “The name's Dean. Dean Winchester.”

“Winchester?” The colour drained from Rob's face. “John Winchester's son?”

Dean nodded. “I noticed your tattoo.”

“Good old Bobby.” Rob smiled. “Morrison. Rob Morrison.”

“This is weird.” Jamie interrupted. “We need to talk.” She jabbed a finger into his chest. “Now.”

“I need to call Sammy.” Dean shook the other man's hand again. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too. I've heard a lot about you.”

Heading inside, Dean felt the anger rise with each step. Was it impossible for him to keep anyone away from this life?


Dean punched the wall, biting his lip against the pain. He resisted the temptation of pissing off Jamie’s brother instead of making him an ally, just so he could get a beating.

Maybe it would knock some sense into him.

As usual, Dean had let his feelings cloud his judgment. How could he even think about making his Dad proud when he couldn’t even-

“Dean.” Spinning around, inches away from his face, stood Castiel. “You’re going to break a bone.”

“You’ve been watching humans for 2000 years and you still don’t understand personal boundaries?”

“It wasn’t your fault. Sam didn’t realise either.”

Dean ignored him, punching the wall once more for good measure. It throbbed, and he resisted the urge to cradle it in his other hand. He'd never even asked Jamie her last name the night they'd slept together. What kind of man did that make him?

“What do you want?” He growled at the angel, refusing to look up.

“Sam called me.”


“The demon you are hunting has been known to be part of the followers for the Yellow Eyed Demon. It could be possible he had the equivalent of a brother.”

“You’re joking?” The look Castiel gave him proved he clearly wasn’t. “So why has Sam told you?”

If Castiel heard the sting of jealousy in Dean’s tone, he chose to ignore it. “He wanted help to make sure he stayed off the dark path and not tempted into anything. He didn’t want to deal with this on his own.”

“He’s not on his own.” Dean practically growled as he punched the wall yet again. This time, he winced as he heard the bone crack. Strangely enough, he welcomed the pain. It gave him something else to take away the pain in his chest; the complete fear that he was slowly losing the battle to save the person that meant the most to him.

Letting the anger take over him, he took a step closer to Castiel, their noses almost touching. “Are you saying I didn’t do a good enough job at keeping him safe from all of that before?” He gritted out, clenching his teeth against the pain.

Reaching out, the angel touched his fingers against Dean’s knuckles, brushing them in a circle to the base of his palm.

“Your brother looks up to you like he’s always done. You haven’t failed, and he trusts you with his life.”

As the warmth from Castiel’s fingers traveled to Dean’s wrist, replacing the agony, he found himself calmer than before. Whatever mojo he used, it was intoxicating.

“Cas.” He moaned, hissing as he heard his bone click back into place. Lust took over next and Dean’s mind filled with Jamie.

“You’ve got work to do, Dean. Saving people is the family business. Sam is safe for now but Jamie needs you.”

Before Dean could even thank him, the flutter of wings and soft breeze left him in silence, alone and slightly horny. Minutes later when he’d gained a certain amount of control over himself and resisted the urge to call Sam, someone knocked on the door outside.

“Dean? Are you okay?” Jamie.

“Just great.” He mumbled, opening it slowly and ignoring the voice in the back of his head that wanted to pull her into the room and lock the door. “Let's get a beer, yeah?”


Later that evening, the mood around the back yard had dulled to a relaxing hum of chatter and laughing. The children had either left with their parents or were asleep inside. The adults were enjoying the peace and quiet of the summer.

Dean settled himself on the grass, stretching out, beer next to him. Completely full and slightly buzzed up from the alcohol, he felt more relaxed then he’d ever thought possible. Jamie had excused herself to help her parents clear up a little, leaving Dean with his thoughts.

Deciding he should call Sam again now he’d calmed down, he pulled his cell phone from his pocket. Waiting for his brother to pick up, his eyes drifted across the various couples dotted around. Jealousy caught him short. Everything was so easy for them…

“Hello?” A groggy voice announced, evidently thick with sleep.

“Did I wake you, Sammy?”

“Mmmno.” He mumbled, making Dean chuckle.

“Sure. Look, I’m sorry about the voicemail I left on your phone earlier. I over-reacted.”

“Mmm.” Dean shook his head. After Castiel had left and Jamie had taken him back downstairs, he'd left a shitty voicemail to his brother. One he most definitely regretted now.

“Don’t fall back to sleep while I’m talking to you.” He warned his brother, the humor clear in his tone. “I will beat your ass if you do.”


“I’m on protection detail tonight, ok?” Dean took a swig of his beer, savoring the cool taste. “If something is here, I’m not letting it-” Sam’s soft snores cut him off. “Night Sammy.”

“What’s wrong?” Jamie appeared, obviously worrying about why Dean was on the phone.

“Nothing.” He pulled her down to sit between his legs so he could wrap his arms around her. “I was trying to apologize for earlier but Sam wasn’t interested. Apparently sleep is more important.” Jamie laughed, twisting herself slightly to kiss his neck. “Where’s your brother?”

“Gone home to put the kids to bed. He’ll be back later.”

Dean nodded. “I’m sorry Jamie, I was so desperate to keep this all away from you this time. I wanted it to be different.” Normal.

“This is part of who you are. And me too, apparently.” She shook her head, helping herself to a swig of his beer. “How long are you here for?”

“As long as it takes.”

“And with me?”

“As long as you’re safe.”

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I think this was fabulous!!!
I loved how you get into Dean's head with him realizing that he is wrong sometimes, that he is overprotecting Sam but he i always trying to do the right thing and ...the whole storyline with Jamie= awesome!
*blushes* Thank you :D I love writing Dean because he's got so much depth... And Jamie herself = awesome *grins* ♥
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*grins* I'm so sorry it's taken so long! I'm such a bad friend... I've been really excited about it though so I'm glad you liked it!

I've got a couple of ideas for the next chapter but I need some influence :P Might have to rewatch a couple of happy happy Supernatural episodes...

Hope you're good hun :D ♥
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